Greg, I just want to take a second from my busy schedule and thank you and Mark who delivered my 24′ (10 foot beam!) catamaran sailboat from Texas to my home in Delaware. Mark was an amazing worker and I hope you understand an outstanding employee. I was very happy for his eagerness to deliver the boat ASAP for me and very grateful for his mechanical skills. Twice unfortunately for him he needed to stop and make repairs to continue the delivery.

1. The one axle shifted and he somehow sitting alongside the road (in Texas) repaired it.
2. A tire blowout. After speaking with me I certainly agreed that he should, could and I would reimburse him for a new spare tire. So he found a Walmart and saved me money by getting available good used tire.

He rolled in at midnight Sunday, slept in his truck and the next morning was invited into my home for coffee and breakfast. That’s the kind of guy he is, a friend! Thank you again for helping me get my dream boat.