I recently relocated from north east NC to south west FL and interviewed many transport Companies to move my 2000 Catalina 320 sail boat. I was a bit apprehensive about the Entire process as this would be my first experience moving a sailboat via truck.

Being in the military for over twenty years I am no stranger to the logistical challenges Posed by moving a household. In preparing for the land transportation of my sail boat I Read many articles, online stories and researched several transport companies. While All Boat Movers quote was not the lowest (nor the highest), it was competitive and Seemed fair. After only my second conversation with Tim (of All Boat Movers) I realized I Was dealing with a true professional focused on providing the best quality service for a Competitive price. The contract paperwork and deposit process was straight forward and Took very little time. Tim offered input on boat yards at both the pickup and delivery Location based on his personal experience.

Like many sail boat owner I’m a bit obsessive with everything pertaining to the boat. What impressed me most about the move was the care and concern for details the Driver took while loading my boat. I felt as if I were watching myself measure, pad, Check and re-check every aspect of the loading process. The driver provided his Personal cell phone number and kept me informed of his progress throughout the Transport to Florida. When the boat arrived in Florida, Tim was there and everything on The boat was perfect.

Tim and All Boat Movers, LLC has earned my trust and confidence. If I ever have to Transport a vessel via truck gain All Boat Movers, LLC will be my first and only choice.