Dear Bob,
“We recently commissioned Bob Graviss of Specialty Shipping Inc to transport our Crownline boat from Virginia to our home in New York. Words cannot describe how happy we were with his extreme care and great customer service. Naturally, this purchase was near and dear to our hearts and being that it is a major financial purchase it was important that we put it in the right hands to be transported. Bob was great with communicating with us throughout the entire process. When he arrived (in the pouring rain) he was incredibly patient while we examined the boat. Not a single flaw, scratch or dent at all. It really showed how much pride he takes in his work. In today’s day and age it’s rare to find a serviceman that actually shows care and professionalism.
Now that the boat is here in NY I unfortunately don’t see a future need to utilize his service but if ever for some reason we need our boat moved to a different area of the country I will not hesitate to immediately call Bob for the job. I sincerely recommend him to any discerning future customer of his.”
Warmest regards,