Dear Greg,

We used your company’s services in mid-October 2014 to transport a 25′ sailboat from Maine to South Carolina. The driver in charge of the transport was Travis. We contacted him the day before the anticipated transport start and he communicated well with us as he finished his prior transport. Travis was a bit worried about the wind and rain that was present on the morning of the loading. It was also new to Travis to load a sailboat with a swing keel and this caused him some anxiety, but he listened to the advice of the boat experts around him and he secured the boat very well.

Upon arrival in South Carolina, Travis took the initiative to contact the marina and make arrangements to leave the boat on their grounds just before closing and then Travis was there first thing the next morning to help unload the boat. The marina had difficulties with its travel lift and Travis was patient with the delay.

Thank you very much for a job well done,