You guys are my haulers for life!
“When I recently needed to move Shaboom, a Westsail 32, from Florida to D.C., I contacted local haulers for quotes. Few fit my budget and time restraints. I went online and searched a bit more but what I found was that despite grand customer service advertising most had lots of fine print about scheduling, pickups, drop offs, etc. I’ve had boats moved long distances before and I knew it didn’t have to be that difficult. Through a stroke of luck I came across Lt.Col .Bob Queen and Boats Express/Specialty Shipping. Gone were the caveats that made me feel like I was doing the hauler a favor! Bob simply asked when I wanted it picked up and where I wanted it delivered! I waited for the other shoe to drop, but it never happened. I signed up and Bob made the arrangements. As the pickup date crept closer, there was a glitch in the hauler’s schedule that made the original haul date unworkable. The new date meant that I would be on the hook for additional storage costs in Florida. Instead of getting the expected shrug, Bob offered to rework the estimate to minimize the impact to my wallet. When Shaboom arrived at her new home she was just as I’d left her in Florida. The driver did a great job in transporting her up. I couldn’t help notice that the random bracket was taped on two of the four mounting bolts, which wasn’t the way I’d left it when I’d prepped the mast for shipping. Apparently, they had worked loose during the run. The driver told me he knew from experience that problems could arise if it had been left that way, so he took the time to remedy the situation. He could have just as easily carried the mast as it was with no thought to something as detailed as that.
I highly recommend Boats Express for any hauling needs. And, if you’re fortunate enough to get the Colonel on the line, don’t let him go!”