Hey Debbie,
“Got the boat, it was delivered to Padden Creek Marine in Bellingham , WA yesterday afternoon. I was unable to be their and I was impressed that your driver had the folks at Padden Creek call me to get my permission to drop the boat. I had already been advised by David Tripp the owner of Gowen’s Marine in Portland Maine , that he was very impressed with the driver. David told me that in his opinion having dealt with many drivers over the years, that your driver really impressed him, aside from having a great truck, David said he was one of the most experienced and competent drivers that he had ever dealt with. I also want to tell you how much I have appreciated and enjoyed working with you, it truly has a been a pleasure and a pleasant experience. I will surely pass on the good experience and word to my friends and associates here in Alaska re: yourself and Specialty Trucking. Look forward to meeting you sometime, and if you are ever in Alaska , look me up. The State may be big but their aren’t allot of us nuts living full time up here, so I’m not that hard to find.”