“The boat arrived this morning right on schedule (actually a bit
Earlier than his estimate). Everything looked fine. Don, the driver, had Even added straps to better secure the boat for the long haul. We unloaded With far less hassle than the load in Florida {grin} and the boat is now Sitting in my driveway, waiting for the shrink-wrap to be taken off and Parts to be reassembled. I paid Don in cash and he wrote “Paid” on the paperwork. There was some Question about the amount – your email and the wording at the top of the Form said $2890 but lower on the paperwork there was a higher figure that
Don believed was accurate. I gave him a little extra at the start and
Intended to give him a bit more at the end, so I just rounded up to $3000 Today. But for future shipments it might be nice to avoid the confusion. In my opinion, Don is a great driver. I recommend maintaining a Relationship with him. I would use him again without hesitation. Also, YOU folks are wonderful. Everything in your control went smoothly and As promised. I was especially thrilled that the two of you showed up in person last Friday… that was unnecessary but with the MarineMax hoist Problems it turned out to be a deal-saver. Imagine how things might have gone if the only two people standing there at MarineMax had been the boat Dealer and the truck driver. I suspect the entire shipment would have Unraveled and we’d still be trying to figure out a solution. Instead, a little delay and we were back on track. My heartfelt thanks! I know the importance of good references. Please be assured I’m ready to be A reference for you and your organization should that ever prove useful to you. You guys are the best.”
Thanks for everything!
Richard Hartman (now comfortably back in) Spokane WA