I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you in writing for your excellent service. As you know, i am a Canadian boater who purchased a used 47′ powerboat in Washington DC. From our first contact and our preliminary discussion as to how best relocate my boat, I felt that i was dealing with someone who both understood my needs and genuinely understood the task at hand.

During the many discussions regarding the use of transport truck versus water delivery and the pros and cons, we finally agreed to the terms of a water delivery and planned our schedule.

I understand from the vendor that you undertook a thorough investigation of the vessel prior to getting underway, providing me with my first concrete evidence of your professionalism. While underway, the boat experienced some mechanical problems and your knowledge of local waters, service locations and marine propulsion systems resulted in only a part day of lost time in what could have been a much bigger issue.

While the weather held you up for several days on the Atlantic seaboard, I was again reminded that your concern about safety for self and vessel trumped schedule. The constant contact was helpful and appreciated as it allowed me to follow the progress and better schedule arrival details. The boat arrived safely in the 1000 islands region of the St. Lawrence River just as we had hoped. Your list of small deficiencies detected on the trip made the leap to a fully prepared boat easier for me.

I look forward to working with you in the future as my north-south boating needs develop.